Is it Time to Check Your DME?

How to Improve VW Fuel Economy

Misfires, loss of engine power, and poor fuel economy are signs you may experience when your Digital Motor Electronic sensor (DME) is not performing properly. When the DME sensors require immediate attention, the solution is Carolina Eurowerks in Indian Trail, North Carolina. They have quickly grown to be the number one dealer alternative in the area for Volkswagen repair and have a reputation for customer service exceptionalism. Packed with skilled technicians and car enthusiasts passionate about basic maintenance and performance upgrades.

DME sensors collect thousands of data every second to ensure the vehicle performs appropriately. When a piece of data cannot communicate to the proper part, the car gets clear and can relay information to the throttle or fuel injectors. The energy needed to propel the vehicle forward is stopped.

When a DME sensor is faulty or damaged, the check engine light will usually appear. This signals to the driver that immediate attention is needed and that continued driving should be avoided. The warning light could be as simple as a loose gas cap to a malfunctioning catalytic converter. When the DME sends signals, and the signal is blocked, the check engine light is triggered for vehicle protection.

When a Volkswagen has a damaged DME, the engine may stall, leaving you vulnerable when you’re out on the road. Communication is cut off between the throttle and fuel injector causing the engine to starve for air or not have enough fuel to continue the combustion process.

The DME is a collection of sensors compiling internal data. The main function of the DME is throttle position, accelerator, speed, air density, and air temperature. Without a healthy DME the vehicle will not perform correctly.

When the DME is not communicating with the vehicle, it may cause a Volkswagen not to start and lose power while driving. The regulation of systems is broken, and the systems cannot transmit important information to the throttle accelerator. The system searches for an answer and sends a message to the check engine light sensor to alert the driver to stop the vehicle and have it looked at immediately.

If your Volkswagen will not start, has lost power, and is getting poor fuel mileage, the DME will most likely need repair or replacement. Carolina Eurowerks in Indian Trails, North Carolina, are Volkswagen repair specialists and invite you to come in for a DME inspection at 3111 Sun Valley Place Indian trail, NC 28079 or schedule a vehicle at (704) 234-8888.

Written by Carolina Eurowerks