A Common Problem with Porsche

Plastic or Rubber Hoses?

Carolina Eurowerks in Indian Trail, North Carolina, is a certified Porsche repair shop with ASE-certified technicians armed with the most up-to-date technology and high-tech tools to service any Porsche. One of the most common Porsche repairs is a coolant leak, and they're at your service to provide a brief history of Porsche parts now and then.

Back to basics: check your hoses and radiator for wet spots, rust, and white-colored deposits. Also, take a look at the pressure cap. These small, but essential Porsche pieces, can be worn down or disintegrate as the result of engine heat and performance driving.

With tremendous horsepower under the hood, older Porsche owners have come to expect excessive engine heat and a common occurrence, coolant leaks. From 2002- 2006 factories designed Porsche with plastic coolant pipes. The plastic could not handle high coolant temperatures, and a leak occurred.

In 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Porsche for knowingly using plastic coolant pipes in their Cayenne. Plastic cannot withstand coolant's high temperatures, and a breakdown was documented. The purpose of the hose is to carry hot coolant from your engine to your radiator to cool the engine. Suppose there's a leak in any component that's connected to the cooling system. In that case, a leak can occur potentially causing engine damage. Today's Porsche's do not have this problem but if you drive an older model Porsche, we recommend swapping parts.

Sweet-smelling pink fluid under your Porsche is a sure sign you're leaking coolant. The leak could come from the radiator hose, radiator drain cock, or radiator itself. If you find yourself in this situation, call the Porsche specialists at Carolina Eurowerks in Indian Trails, North Carolina.

If road debris punctures the radiator, a leak can occur, causing coolant to drain out of the Porsche, leaving the performance engine hotter than usual. If a plastic drain cock is installed, the high temperatures can once again cause a leak.

If you see pink-colored fluid under your Porsche, or if anything seems off, stop by Carolina Eurowerks today at 3111 Sun Valley Place Indian trail, NC 28079 or give us a call for a complete Porsche inspection at (704) 234-8888.

Written by Carolina Eurowerks